Zvono Kindergarten

Stanislav Ćano Koprivica je rođen 1929. godine u Koprivicama, kod Nikšića.

The official opening of the first Montessori school in Montenegro for children of preschool age took place on Saturday 26th January at 12 midday in the premises of the school in Narodne omladine street, in Niksic.

The school, which will run according to a special Montessori programme is called Zvono (Bell), (www.montessori-zvono.me), and its founder is the Ćano Koprivica non-governmental foundation.

Recognizing the significance of preschool education, which is in line with the foundation's strategic goals relating to activities encouraging the development of education and culture, the Ćano Koprivica Non-Government Foundation has established the Zvono School, which will work with children aged 3-6 according to an adapted Montessori programme which supports the humanistic conception of preschool education, which is in line with the democratic declarations of Montenegro, and is a response to the reform processes of education.

After signiung an agreement with the Montessori Association of Serbia, which is a member of the International Montessori Association, the Ćano Koprivica Non-Government Foundation certified two Montessori teachers, provided premises with a capacity of 200 sq.m., incorporating a playroom, sleeping room, kitchen with dining room and an administrative office, as well as Montessori teaching materials, and thus formed a satisfactory team of staff and an atmosphere for the working of the Zvono Montessori School, according to the standards of the International Montessori Association, at the same time fulfilling the requirements of the Mandatory Plan and Programme that are prescribed by the Department of Schooling of Montenegro, all with the aim of providing quality preschool education for children.

The Montessori Programme requires the creation of appropriate educational surroundings in which children gain experiences according to the special programme and transform them into knowledge. The Montessori concept of preschool education allows the conditions for the development of all the potentials of children, their growing up and providing for the needs which offers preschool children the opportunity to follow their own personal development, to develop abilities and ground their interaction with the environment.

The Montessori concept is present in all countries of Europe and the world, and was named after Maria Montessori, who is today counted among the most significant reform educationalists. This concept is based on allowing the preschool child to follow his/her own personal development, to develop abilities and ground his/her interaction with the environment. Today no school can completely prepare a child for the work he/she will do after finishing schooling. What used to represent knowledge, knowledge as a value, possession of knowledge, today is represented by the ability to react to change and adapt to change. And the Montessori programme actually emphasizes the significance of child self-motivation and an individual tempo of development.

The Ćano Koprivica Foundation began working in 2007 as a non-governmental, non-profit organisation. The strategic goals of the foundation are the support of philanthropy, encouraging others to be involved in humane activities and the creation of developmental educational programme, just like this Montessori one, which will influence the development of education, culture, the arts, ecology and environmental protection. The purpose of founding the foundation was to realise some of Ćano Koprivica's ideas, and in this way the foundation realised the project of the Music School, which is one of the most significant projects, because Niksic has gained through this an institution with the character of a legacy.

The foundation, besides the projects that have been realised, since 2007 has been implementing a wide spectrum of initiatives inorder to respond to the goals for which it was formed and at the same time the needs of the city of Niksic and its citizens. Through its activities, the foundation is attempting to help Niksic to reach the standards of European centres. In this process culture and education indeed play the most important role and in line with these the foundation directs its activities to the nurturing and development of these social dimensions.

The opening of the school was attended by a large number of upstanding citizens of Niksic, friends of the foundation, parents whose children were in the first group to enrol at Zvono School, as well as Mr. Nikola Koprivica, the founder of the Ćano Koprivica Foundation.

The opening included a cocktail reception and a musical programme.

For more information about the Montessori programme and about Maria Montessori, please click on this link.

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