Welcome to the site of the “Ćano Koprivica” N

Stanislav Ćano Koprivica je rođen 1929. godine u Koprivicama, kod Nikšića.

The Cano Koprivica Foundation is a non-governmental non-profit organization founded in 2007 in Montenegro. Its founder is Nikola Koprivica, the son of Stanislav Cano Koprivica. He has declared the following basic aims of this organization: promoting philanthropy and cultural activity, encouraging others to practice humanism, designing educational development programmes (like: supporting educational development, culture, art, ecology and environmental protection) and providing scholarships and aid for the best students of the music school, as well as other schools.

So far the foundation has successfully organized several projects. Along with the Municipality of Niksic, it participated in the construction of the school for elementary and secondary music education in Niksic, in that way giving the town the first institution of this type as an endowment. Also, the foundation helped in publishing a remarkable bilingual monograph and a music CD, and for several years now it has been providing scholarships for the most talented students of Niksic Music School.

The Foundation's latest project is the opening of Montenegro's first Montessori pre-school institution "Zvono" for children aged 3 to 6 years old: [read more]