Quotations about Cano Koprivica

Stanislav Ćano Koprivica je rođen 1929. godine u Koprivicama, kod Nikšića.

Marko Orlandic

Cano protected the persecuted in large numbers

Marko Orlandic, a recognized Montenegrin and Yugoslav politician, was discharged of all of his functions by the putsch during the so-called anti-bureaucracy revolution in 1989. In his book “U vrtlogu” (Inside a Vortex), which is a recollection of that period, he describes his work in “Montex” and its executive Cano Koprivica:

“I spent the last two years of my appointment working with ‘Montex’, Niksic, where Stanislav Cano Koprivica was at the head of the company. He had wanted to establish cooperation between us earlier on, in 1989, right after I resigned from all the functions and party obligations that I had had back then. I used to tell him: ‘That is out of the question, for the simple reason – Momo, Milo, Sveto and their kind will be sending followers every God-given day and you won’t have any peace.’ That's what would have happened. ‘Don’t worry,’ he used to say, ’I know how to work things out with them.’ Still, I didn't accept his proposal, not because I wouldn't have prospered at his side, but because I didn't want to make things worse for him. He persuaded me to join his company in 1994.

“That ‘transfer’ carried no consequences for the connections I had with my friends from ‘Kovinotehna,’ especially Alesh Litz. Alesh tried to get me to prolong my engagement in ‘Kovinotehna.’ We spoke of that on many occasions before I joined Cano, and even a few months after that.

“Cano is a man who engages himself on behalf of those Montenegrin values that preoccupy me as well, without holding back. He is amongst those rare people who put themselves in the existential protection of a large number of people and institutions that were enabled and exposed to all sorts of persecution. Knowing it all, I decided to accept his initiative for our business cooperation, without being appointed, because I didn’t find it necessary. Cano’s generosity is well known. He has helped and has been helping in everything that can be of any use to improve Montenegrin identity and prosperity.”
“Cano told me: ‘As long as I have bread, so shall you.’”

Vladimir Kekovic, Montenegrin National Security executive from 1982 to 1989 in his book “Vrijeme meteza 1988-89” (The Time of Chaos 1988-89) described the reactions to him filing a report at the parliament of the former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia about the so-called anti-bureaucracy revolution in Montenegro. His rendition was met with numerous and harsh responses, but among those who supported him was Cano Koprivica.

“It was rather unusual support from Stanislav Cano Koprivica, a well-known businessman, who telephoned me from Vienna, and while he was encouraging me, added: ‘As far as bread is concerned, if necessary, as long as I have it, so shall you,’” writes Kekovic in his book.

Dragan Atanaskovski

One of the greatest men I have ever met

“In my eyes, Cano Koprivica will always be one of the greatest men I had the opportunity of meeting. He and his family were there for my family in times of need, and they helped us pull through some very difficult times. I would like to be given an opportunity to express my appreciation in a way that they deserve, but until then I hope that all that he left behind will endure. I wish all the happiness in the world to the Koprivica family, and I hope that we will soon meet again.”

Snezana Atanaskovski

A great, great man

“He was an angel and a GREAT, GREAT man. A benefactor, always there in times of need… if there were more people like him, this world would be a true paradise. What he has done for so many people is unforgettable. I am proud of us having worked together; you rarely have the opportunity to meet such an intellectual and businessman. He will always remain in my heart.
“Greetings to the Koprivica family.”

Anto Jankovic

It is a rarity for a man of this kind to be born in Montenegro

“To tell you the truth, I am one of those who wasn’t lucky enough to meet and get to know Cano in person, but I was lucky enough to hear stories from his friends about him. Knowing that it is a rarity for a man of this kind to be born in Montenegro and knowing all what he had done for Montenegro inspired me to form this group.
“I sincerely hope that all of his friends that are going to be members of this group will use this place to reminisce about his words, actions, ideas… because it is not easy to be a MAN, and I know that we all have so much to learn from him. I would like all of his interviews and texts that he wrote - that were published while he was alive – to find their way here.”

Ratko M. Knezevic

He made something out of nothing

“He was a beautiful human soul. Cano was prudent, a dandy in the best sense of the word, naturally wise and a great benefactor. Carried away just like a boy, he created, like an alchemist, something out of nothing, and that something that he had made in his life, was big and massive. He built up a very respected and professional corporation with infused with Montenegrin DNA, which operated worldwide…, and while Abramovitch, Deripaska and their kind were “scraping around” for coffee in Russia, he was being a sorcerer. It is a pity that he, as all great men, was surrounded (could he defend himself?) by wicked people who were seeking only to destroy what he created and had been creating for years, either for small or immense personal gain. He profoundly loved his native Banjani, his Niksic, his Montenegro – which he had wanted to see free, democratic and independent after the decomposition of the former republic. Whether that dream came true is very debatable. In any case it surely brings us hope to think that somewhere in Montenegro people like him may triumph in similar efforts.

“It has been an honor knowing him as well as working with him for a certain period.”

All of these extracts were kindly provided by Veseljko Koprivica.