Stanislav Ćano Koprivica je rođen 1929. godine u Koprivicama, kod Nikšića.

In the last few years, the foundation, apart from the music school, has also focused on donating and giving grants to those in need, who have contributed and are still contributing to the fundamental ideas of the foundation and the music school. In this way, the foundation set apart a donation and helped the pianist Irina Kluev and doctor Branimir Damjanovic during their specialization studies in the United States. The foundation also financed a trip by pupils from the elementary school for music education in Niksic to a competition, and it also helped Dragan Ivanovic, a former employee of the Montex Company. The Foundation supported financially the staging of the 2nd International Accordion Festival entitled "Harmonika Fest" which was held in Cetinje on 13-15 October 2011. The Foundation also supported the staging of the first individual exhibition by the young academy artist from Niksic, Teodora Nikcevic in June 2011. The exhibition was housed in Podgorica in the Fusiliers' House (Perjanicki dom) in Krusevac.

Recognizing the true values in the work of FAKT (the Fund for Active Citizenship) from Podgorica, the foundation has decided to aid the allotment of the ISKRA Award (an award for philanthropy) for 2010.

One of the foundation’s decisions was that music staff, for whose education and development the school was founded in the first place, must be nurtured. So far, for several years now, we have been taking care of the scholars of the music school for elementary education in Niksic. In the 2009/2010 academic year our scholars were Stevica Bjeletic, Milica Sljukic and Nemanja Pejovic. In the 2010/2011 academic year the foundation gave grants to Jevto Manojlovic, Stefan Ceha and Branislav Vujovic. The foundation’s board decided to give a one-off award to Jevto Manojlovic as the pupil of the year for the 2009/2010 academic year. Besides nurturing art and culture, the Cano Koprivica Foundation did not forget the importance of sporting spirit. For this reason, it financed a trip by three cadets from the “Onogost” Karate Club in Niksic (Strahinja Boskovic, Maja Micunovic and Dragoljub Vukotic) to a European competition.

The scholars for the 2009/2010 academic year were:

  1. Stevica Bjeletić
  2. Milica Šljukić
  3. Nemanja Pejović

The scholars for the 2010/2011 academic year were:

  1. Jevto Manojlović
  2. Stefan Ćeha
  3. Branislav Vujović