Stanislav Ćano Koprivica je rođen 1929. godine u Koprivicama, kod Nikšića.

Nikšić's "Šćućkin" Puppet Theatre presents "Little Red Riding Hood"

On July 2nd 2013 we put on "Little Red Riding Hood" as part of the Kotor Puppet Festival.

"Little Red Riding Hood" by Igor Bojović offers, in a dramatological sense, much more than the sort of puppet theatre we have become used to: it transcends traditional categorisation, which assumes a certain type of puppets and audience age. It boldly and skilfully introduces into probably one of the first stories that every child hears new characters, gives nods to drama classics, cartoons and opens up the opportunity for different puppets and unconventional musical support. Part Disney, part Shakespeare... Above all, it gives the actors room to "sing and dance".

Does Little Red Riding Hood need to fear the Wolf, really? Who is the father, and why is he not in the fairy tale? The writing team of this show has "surfed" on the wave of positive energy, to make the beginning of the work of Nikšić's "Šćućkin" Puppet Theatre, within the philanthropic activities of the Ćano Koprivica Foundation, more fruitful and formal, and above all a joyful experience for the many children in the audience.

Goran Bulajić [See photos].

The music school – a gift to Niksic and Montenegro

Take a look at the photos of the music school in Niksic here
Cano often spoke of his intention to build up a few other endowments. Death interrupted him in his efforts to do so. His son Nikola is fulfilling his plans by founding the charitable “Cano Koprivica” Foundation, which pursues humanitarian and charity work. The foundation was founded in January 2007 in Montenegro as a philanthropic organization.

Next September in Niksic, a new modern school building for elementary and secondary education will be opened. It is not the state, nor the municipality, nor some powerful company that benefits from the state (as usually occurs here) standing behind this project. It is being built by a charitable foundation that carries the name of Stanislav Cano Koprivica.

The music school building, which is the foundation’s gift to the Municipality of Niksic and to Montenegro, will cover a total area of 1,349 m2, with external dimensions of 28 m × 25 m.

The building will have a concert hall with 262 seats, classrooms – where the teaching will take place, offices, storerooms, toilets, locker rooms, dressing rooms, workshops for instrument repair and a boiler room.

With the construction of this building, gifted children and youth will be able to receive music education and training, which connects and dignifies the world more than any other art; and which is, in the opinion of the international authorities, an exquisite secret of human knowledge.

The founder and the members of the “Cano Koprivica” Foundation are hoping that others will also follow this example, most of all because of the fact that without endowments every country and every society are handicapped in nurturing human relationships, and because there is not a rich tradition of endowments in Montenegro.

The speech upon the commencement of construction works to build the music school for elementary and secondary education in Niksic

Honourable ladies and gentlemen,

It is my pleasant duty to express my satisfaction at the commencement of construction works for the building of the music school for elementary and secondary education in the name of the “Cano Koprivica” Foundation. This building is also to be enriched with other rooms for nurturing music and other arts.

I have been asked by the founder of the aforementioned foundation, Nikola Koprivica, also to express his delight at the beginning of construction works, as well as his regret at undelayable obligations which mean he could not witness this beautiful and memorable event.

I express my gratitude to the Municipality of Niksic for accepting the proposal of Mr. Nikola Koprivica to construct a building to have an endowment landmark in the town where his father received his education. I also express my gratitude to Mr. Nebojsa Radijicic, the chairman of the Municipality of Niksic and Mrs. Mira Vukovic, the headmistress of the music school in Niksic, who suggested a building be constructed for the interests of the music school.

Mr. Koprivica and the foundation accepted such a suggestion, well assured that constructing a modern and purpose-built object will help gifted children and youth to acquire education and training in music, which connects and dignifies the world more than any other art, bringing joy to life.

In constructing this building, a grateful son fulfills a wish of his deceased father, Stanislav Cano Koprivica, who was a widely known, acknowledged and restless economist and visionary, humanist and benefactor.

He is remembered as the founder of Montex, Montex Bank, Cinex, several small business operations and many representative offices in the former Yugoslavia and abroad, which employed several hundreds of workers.

He is remembered as a visionary of more attractive and profitable programmes in various areas. Unfortunately he was not able to bring into realization some of them due to the sad events in the former Yugoslavia, sanctions by the international community and his death. Some projects were achieved or are intended to be achieved by other capable men, who do not forget to mention Cano’s name and to express their appreciation.

He is remembered as a great humanist and benefactor by those he knew and those he did not. He generously helped schools, universities, hospitals, sports and artistic organizations, painters, musicians, writer, talented pupils and students, the sick and the poor. His heart was big, soft and sensitive, and it told him what to do, and the fact that it is never too late to be good and to do good deeds. He used to say that charity is the only wealth which gets enlarged by division.

He often talked about his intention to do another good deed with an endowment landmark. Death interrupted him in his efforts to do so. His son Nikola is fulfilling his plans by founding a foundation which he named after his father, with the aim to:

  • Serve permanent and humanitarian purposes;
  • Build a school;
  • Give three scholarships each school year, one to the best pupil, and two to poor exemplary pupils; and
  • Occasionally, for the needs of the music school provide a valuable music publication, carry out other humanitarian and generous deeds in accordance with their financial state.

According to a contract of endowment concluded between the Municipality of Niksic and Mr. Nikola Koprivica, it is planned that the constructed school building will be transferred as a gift to the ownership of the Municipality of Niksic, that is, the State of Montenegro.

The old wisdom says: Exempla docent, meaning – we learn from examples. Let this wisdom be a message to those who are in a position to follow in Mr. Koprivica’s footsteps, to establish foundations and through it to develop solidarity, mercy, patriotism, enlightenment and other charitable deeds that an endowment carries along with it. Without endowments every country is poorer in nurturing humane interpersonal relationships.

Endowments in Montenegro are not well developed because of a weak tradition and poverty, and because of non-existent decently-encouraged legal regulations. It partially exists in the Law on Non-Governmental Organizations, instead of being regulated by special laws, as it is done in other countries. In the abovementioned law it is proclaimed that the country of Montenegro is obliged to provide tax and other reliefs for foundations, but there are no such reliefs or they are simply being neglected.

The “Cano Koprivica” Foundation is going to be available to all people of good will. Every individual and legal entity who wants to be a donor can become a member by contributing as much as they want, as can individuals without making any contributions. The foundation would be grateful to all who become members and will continue to keep the public informed.

We expect that the construction of the school will go forward more rapidly than the time it took for certain conditions to be created for the beginning of its construction. Thank you.

Branko Bulajic